Writing Guidelines 

  • Please use subheadings and bullet points (if appropriate) to help with the readability of your piece;
  • Embed URLs in your text;
  • Pieces should come with at least 1 image;
  • Attach images separately, but indicate in the text where they should go and provide a caption and credit;
  • If you’d like to embed a video, either provide a copy or a link to the video (e.g. YouTube video) and indicate in the text where it should go.


Submission Guidelines 

  • Please email your contribution along with a profile picture to culturalpracticemagazine@gmail.com
  • Your Insight will be proofread and you might be asked to do changes on it before it’s published
  • Your contribution will be shared on ICP’s social media


Submission Template


Abstract (50-100 words)

Contribution (500-2000 words, if in text format)


Author Biography (max 100 words)

Author’s Twitter account (if any)

Author’s Email