This week’ s expanding brain meme was inspired by Helen Rees Leahy’s post on Cultural Access and the ‘New Normal’. Even though Museums can be perceived as “accessible culture”, they have also been pointed out as a centre of exclusion at different levels. During lockdown, digital spaces have proven useful to expand cultural access to old/new publics. However, access to technology is not equally distributed or easy for everyone to use. There are communities were wi-fi access is not a given commodity, leading individuals and institutions to develop other analogue creative strategies. We expect lockdown efforts will lead to broader discussions of cultural politics of accessibility in order to garanteee cultural access for all in the post-pandemic museum world.


Adolfo Samper Bernal Retrato de María Teresa de Samper y su cuñada (Portrait of María Teresa de Samper and her Sister-in-Law), 1940. Museo Nacional de Colombia

Museums & Memes is brought to you by Catalina Delgado and Maria Paula Arias, PhD students at the Institute for Cultural Practices. They share an interest in using visual media to understand museological research and practice. They’re also two Colombians at large in Manchester. 

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