Cultural Practice is the magazine of the Institute for Cultural Practices (ICP) at the University of Manchester. The magazine was launched in April 2020 to publish critical reflections related to issues and challenges that COVID-19 and the lockdown presented for arts and culture in the UK and abroad. However, the magazine has since evolved and widened to encourage ideation and discussion between researchers, academics, industry professionals and students working under the theme of cultural practices.

The Institute for Cultural Practices provides a platform for postgraduate study, continuing professional development, research and knowledge exchange with cultural and heritage professionals in the UK and abroad. It runs MA and PhD programmes in Art Gallery and Museum Studies, Arts Management and Heritage Studies.


We aim to create a space where researchers, students and practitioners discuss ongoing cultural practices. In that sense, we plan to have an informative role while also providing a framework for understanding.

Internally our editorial board is committed to bridging inequality gaps by prioritising inclusion, diversity, equity in the selection process. Externally, we commit to open communication and promote contributions from across the globe, encouraging and supporting contributors to provide a translation into their first language.


We publish 2-3 issues a year, dedicated to reflections and working papers on a particular theme within the cultural and creative industries. However, we are also open to proposals for debate and discussion on topics with a GLAM perspective. In addition, we encourage rapid response pieces that critically engage with current events and present timely reflections for the sector.


We encourage contributions from scholars, postgraduate students, and practitioners working within the sphere of cultural practice at any stage of their careers. We also welcome both interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary contributions that extend discourse and debate.

Types/Format of Contributions

Along with written pieces, we welcome works in multimedia formats such as memes, videos, pictures, podcasts, and proposals for online conversations.

Written articles should be between 500 and 2,000 words and include images, videos or any other relevant material. We accept pieces written in all languages and welcome translations into English.

The Contributor’s Guidelines are available here

Authors are responsible for obtaining permissions from copyright holders for reproducing any previously published material.

All material is reviewed by the editorial board and published as Open Access, providing a good opportunity for useful feedback for researchers at the early stage of their career or project.

Please send your submissions to: